Why Donate

Humans are cutting the trees and using the woods but we are not doing enough plantation work.

Humans are taking the water from the rivers but we are not cleaning our garbage from the rivers.

Humans are making the imbalance in Nature and its limited resources.

Humans are living in nature but somehow dominating the resources it has.

We belong to this planet as much as the animal. They have equal rights in all the resources.

Most of the humans are not even aware of the changes Nature is going through due to the lack of education.

The members of SHIPRA has decided to do the following work to make the balance with Nature.

We are doing the plantation of the plants in the forest land. We are also doing the distribution of the new plants to people who what to pant it nearby their house and also take care.

We are doing the cleaning work of the river and also try to recharge the origin point of nearby river Shipra.

We are doing watering on the plants that we have planted earlier as it needs to be taken care of till 4- 5 years.

We are planting the fruit plants in the forest as animals will be getting their food in the forest only.