About Us

Shipra Kalyan Samiti is a nonprofit organization, established as the will of citizens to participate actively in the protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources, as well as to take an active role in the local community development through the protection of biodiversity and realization of the sustainable development concept in Uttarakhand. The goal of the organization is environmental preservation and protection, biodiversity conservation, water and waste management and implementation of sustainable development principles. Shipra Kalyan Samiti is dedicated to the Himalayan integration with its program of environmental conservation by the rejuvenation of air, water, soil which will strengthen a sustainable future and lead towards socio-economic improvements of the local communities at the state level. In order to achieve this, Shipra Kalyan Samiti is committed to work with a different range of stakeholders in order to foster cooperation and joint work for the purpose of achieving a sustainable future and strong worldwide recognition of Uttarakhand as a clean and green and organic state.

Vision: We envision a naturally clean and waste-free Himalayan region where it’s natural resources are conserved and socio-economic development is done in a sustainable manner.

Mission: To educate and spread awareness about sustainable development, to rejuvenate and conserve water resources, forests, and wildlife, to improve communities’ standards of living, management of waste through planning and implementation of a balanced mix of scientific as well as traditional approaches and to promote eco-tourism and organic methods of farming in the Himalayan region.

Work Area or Our work Areas

  • Public Advocacy
  • Education & Awareness
  • Environmental conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Promotion of organic farming and eco-tourism
  • Conservation and promotion of local traditional practices for sustainable socio-economic development of people See less.


Member Details

SL NO. Name Designation Date of Birth Email Address Education
1 Jagdish Singh Negi President 09/05/1978 Jagdishnegi.shipra@gmail.com B.A
2 Monika Bisht Vice President 24/05/1990 monikabisht.90@gmail.com M.Tech
3 Bhanu Pratap Singh Treasurer 25/06/1989 gariya1989@gmail.com M.B.A
4 Neeraj Joshi secretary 02/07/1993 niraj0165@gmail.com M.A
5 Deepak Joshi Member 10/07/1997 12th
6 Shankar Singh Member 09/09/1990 shankardhapola0000@gmail.com M.B.A
7 Praveen Singh Koshyari Member 01/01/1969 praveen69@gmail.com B.A